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Benjarong Design Tea Set-43-4

Benjarong Design Tea Set-43-4
Benjarong Design Tea Set-43-4
SKU: R-43-4


Tea Pot with 4 cups. Benjarong, is the name of the royal porcelain of Thailand, wears the grace of Thai culture through each carefully placed brushstroke. In the early Rattanakosin period, Benjarong porcelain items were highly prized and used only in the Royal household and upper class Thai families. The word Benjarong, meaning'five colours', was originally made in China, hand crafted from clay, fired in charcoal ovens and finished in fine gold plating. Each piece consists of hand-applied, real gold masks laid over the white ceramic, enabling the artist to produce a tactile, detailed Thai pattern around the gold, using at least five colors.

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